Here Are The Most Significant Statues Unearthed In Saudi That Will Give You Glimpses Of The Kingdom’s Rich History


The Roads of Arabia Exhibition has been held at some of the most prestigious museums around the world. As the exhibition crisscrosses the globe country after country they display some of the finest of what Saudi history has to offer.

Often than not, a lot of prominence at the exhibition is given to statues and sculptures that were unearthed in the kingdom. So here are some of the most outstanding ones amongst the lot.

You have seen those stone carved dwellings at Madain Saleh, right? This was found nearby it.

One of the more recent finds that was unearthed in the historically rich province of Najran.

No less than a masterpiece.

Perhaps the most famous of all statues unearthed in Saudi. This bronze statue serves as a poster child for Arabian history.

A funerary mask that is eerily similar to those used in ancient Egypt.

Another gem found in Najran.


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