7 Things You Need To Know About Prince Fahad Bin Faisal Al Saud


From his digital content company Na3am, to launching a video game and comic universe called Saudi Girls Revolution, Prince Fahad bin Faisal Al Saud is all about smashing stereotypes. 

His 119, 000 followers on Instagram can follow his glamorous exploits and enjoy a good dose of his selfies but here are a few facts about him they may not necessarily know about him

1.  He was born in Taif but lives in Los Angeles now

2. He graduated from Stanford with a degree in Mechanical Engineering (and a double minor in Management Science and Middle Eastern Studies)

3. Instead of living a life of luxury, he decided to make a name for himself as a tech and social media entrepreneur 

4. His company Na3am launched the first comic about a Saudi female superhero. Prince Fahad serves as the creative director of the comic series and Stan Berkowit (who has worked on the likes of Batman and Justice League is the editor in chief)

5. Prince Fahad was the Head of User Operations for Facebook Arab where he helped launch of Facebook in Arabic in 2009

6. He consults for the Saudi government on cyber-technology and youth-oriented programs as the Foreign Ministry’s Head of Student Affairs (a job he says has been a natural fit)

7. According to Business Insider, he hopes he can have a penthouse on Mars some day!


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