These Saudi Influencers Took Part In A Budget Travel Competition And The Results Were Impressive


Social media starts in Saudi are in hot demand both at home and abroad. 

Brands and even tourism companies recognize the large followers and influencer that they have. Not only do they have a young following, they also create entertaining fun content. 

This is what the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) had in mind when they devised a travel budget competition and invited five Saudi influencers to take part. 

The challenge: SR 3,000 to complete the following

  • Budget to last 3-days in Dubai 
  • To cover all transportation, either air or domestic from Saudi to Dubai and all within Dubai
  • Accommodation
  • All shopping including the DSS (Dubai Summer Surprises deals)
  • One full outfit needs to be included in the budget 

The contestants: The following were selected to take part

Ahmad Al Barqi

Rayan Khalid Alahmary

Hassan Bin Mahfouz 

Hussein Bin Mahfouz

Faisal Al Yammi

The winner: Rayan Khalid Alahmary

He spent just SR 1,733 for covering all the tasks. The best bargain was a fidget spinner for just SR 1 from Naif Souk, from the initial price of SR 20.


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