7 Things You Can Do For Valentine’s Day In Saudi


Now that Saudi Arabia is officially onboard the Valentine’s Day spirit, the pressure to find something worthwhile to do on the day has gotten real.

This list is going to make that struggle a whole lot easier

Here are 7 things you can do for Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia. (Or, like, any other day, for that matter.)

1. Drive out to the desert

Not to start off with an absolute cliche, but seriously. Just drive away from the city to the desert, take some ‘gram worthy pictures of the sunset over the sand dunes, and, hm, contemplate the meaning of life and stuff.

A driver’s license is required but a significant other is not.

2. Eat chocolates – lots and lots of them

Try em all. The Valentine’s themed ones. The fancy ones from Patchi. The regular everyday ones you keep promising yourself you are gonna be cutting down on.

Again – a significant other is totally optional for this activity.

3. Movie night

Put on something on Netflix or if you are based in Riyadh or Jeddah, head off to the cinema!

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4. Find as much heart-shaped food on your favorite food delivery app and order it ALL

Or maybe try making some yourself? Pizza? Pies? Cupcakes? And then eat it ALL.

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5. Visit an art gallery

Nearly all the big cities have SO MANY of these. They are free to enter, fun, and arguably the best places to socialize in Saudi.

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6. Head off to the corniche

The weather is such a dream nowadays and the corniche is ALWAYS fun.

Of course this only applies to people on either coast – sorry, Riyadh.

7. Go all out

If you really truly want to get in the spirit and have a few bucks to spare, most of the fanciest hotels in town have Valentines Day packages that are actually worth the splurge.

Four Seasons in Riyadh, for instance, has come up with the ultimate package for the day that includes a scrumptious heart-shaped chocolate cake, breakfast for two and 25% discount on spa.

And Hilton in Jeddah also has some really exclusive Valentine’s Day packages.


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