7 Reasons Why Our Beloved Al Baik Is More Than Just A Fast Food Chain


Ask anyone who’s ever lived in Saudi about Al Baik and you’ll get a common response. It is adored by all who have ever tried the scrumptious chicken and matching fries they serve. 

However, there’s a reason this fast-food chain is so loved and it’s not just because of their affordability, consistency but also the corporate social responsibility that they take on. It’s not common to see your local fast-food chain start initiatives for the community, and Al Baik is definitely an exception to that. 

Here are a few examples of the greatness that is Al Baik (Even without the chicken, sometimes).

1. They clearly care about the environment

Last year, Al Baik set up an Al Baik earth hour complete with the hashtag of the same name and asked its loyal customers to switch off their lights from 8.30 to 9.30 pm. 

2. They respect and include all types of communities 

Whatever they do, Al Baik makes sure to show us how much they love and appreciate us all. Wherever we come from.

3. They have a BIC school program to help raise awareness and build self-esteem for young students

One of their many initiatives is also to help teach students with a home-based skills course.

4. Al Baik has made itself one of the defining features of Saudi Arabia

…and they, in turn, support cultural shows and events that also take place in the Kingdom.

5. They give, give and give 

Al Baik is always ready to hand free meals whenever necessary, and sometimes they gather volunteers to help in distribution. How adorable.

6. They have an awesome diving team! 

7. Because 600,000 meals were distributed for a joint initiative with Abu Gazala Khairiya Foundation in the last year

We love you always, Al Baik.


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