A Man Nearly Risked His Life To Save Many People During Floods In Saudi Arabia


A man in Saudi Arabia is being hailed a hero for nearly risking his life to save people stuck in rain floods in Wadi Nayra.

Bystanders filmed the rescue mission and shared the incident on social media

In the video, a car is seen being overpowered by floods, causing it to sink. Before civil defense could arrive at the scene, a Saudi man, in a constriction truck, drove right into the floodwater and opened up the vehicle’s shovel area so the trapped could jump on.

Once they were all in, he drove them back to safety without injuries.

The near-drowning incident occurred after a rainstorm wreaked havoc on Wadi Nayra and its surrounding towns, flooding nearly all major roads.


Hundreds have hailed Abbas as a hero and called on authorities to honor him for his bravery.


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