A Saudi Alternative To Whatsapp Is Launching Soon But People Have Some Concerns


The last few days have seen a lot of discussions on WhatsApp’s privacy policies and features and resulted in a lot of people considering moving to an alternate platform, such as Signal.


Following the backlash, WhatsApp announced that its privacy policy update is being moved back to May

It also clarified that no accounts are to be deleted.

But people seem to have had their faith considerably shaken in the app and many are still looking for just the right alternatives.

And Pingme seems to be just that


Pingme claims that it is a ‘completely Saudi alternative’ to WhatsApp but keeps privacy a huge consideration

It is to launch on Feberuary 1.

However, people do have some questions. The most common criticism has been the use of non-Saudi models in all the promotion pictures of the app – even though it claims to be marketing to a Saudi audience.


The app has made a statement to respond to these claims

They state that they are not using pictures of Saudis for their safety.

However, reactions seem pretty mixed so far. Perhaps the verdict will made after the app is launched – on February 1





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