(A Spoof!) A Saudi Businessman Accidentally Bought TWO Planes For His Son’s Birthday Pressie


*A spoof! This story was a satirical piece originally written by a website called Thin Air Today, a website which reports bogus aviation news and, in this case, the story went viral.

The story originally read:

A Saudi man accidentally bought 2 airbus A350 -1000’s!!

The man, an investor in the energy sector, was searching for model airplanes for his son’s birthday, who is fascinated by aviation.


The man said that he called Airbus for the model planes. Due to his poor command of English, communication was difficult. They asked him a lot of questions about the interior and exterior. Since the cost was “reasonable,” he didn’t realize that he had bought two airplanes. The price was €329 M.

A few months after the amount had been transferred, he received a call to inform him that the planes were ready for delivery

He said: “When they informed me that the planes were ready for delivery, they asked me who will fly them, but I thought it was just a joke!” In the end, he decided to keep one of the planes and give the second one to his cousin as a gift.

The story was shared on Twitter and it has since gone viral


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