A Saudi Movie Is Smashing Box Offices Across The Entire Gulf?


Born A King is breaking all records during its first week in cinemas

The movie is releasing the box office in Saudi and Gulf theaters

After breaking all expectations with a number of viewers exceeded 60 thousand during its first week, it is worth noting that the movie tells the story of King Faisal during his trip to London when he was 13 years old and his meeting with the King of the United Kingdom, King George V

Twitter was abuzz  with admiration for this movie

The movie filming took place between Riyadh and London under the vision of the Oscar-winning Spanish producer Andres Gomez.

It is directed by Spanish director Agusti Villaronga, and written by Badr Al-Samari from Saudi Arabia, in addition to Rey Loriga and Henry Fritz.

The movie features Hermione Corfield, playing Princess Mary, Ed Skrein, playing Philippi, Abdullah Ali playing Prince Faisal, Rakan bin Abdul Wahid, in the role of  King Abdul Aziz. More than 80 Saudis participated in the movie



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