Check It Out – Trips With Yousef Al-Sudais Over 50 Countries Around The World ✈️


Many of us love traveling and have a variety of destinations in mind for different reasons

After all, we’re constantly watching travelers on social media as they document their trips in different ways

One of Saudi’s most prominent travelers, Yousef Al-Sudais, has visited over 50 countries around the world.

Yousef’s photos and descriptions of the best touristic spots and adventures, almost make you feel like you’re there

Yousef has visited most South American countries in addition to,  central and south Africa countries, which considered unknown to tourists

The incredible pictures of his trips transferred the unknown places into a touristic destination

Youssef enjoys great popularity among travelers and has a huge number of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, which has led him to become an influencer

He recently promoted Saudi tourism by showing famous touristic sites to his followers outside the kingdom

where does Al-Sudais love to travel time and time again?  he has named Cape Town, South Africa as one of the most beautiful cities he has visited, where people are kind and the prices are low


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