Some People Have Made Comments About Limiting Mosque Speakers


A few days ago, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs made an announcement that the speakers of mosques can only be used in a limited capacity.

And following the announcement, a few people have made some unpleasant comments about the decision on social media

A circular had been issued by Abdul Latif Al-Sheik, Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs, to all mosques across the Kingdom, to limit the use of loudspeakers only for Azaan and Iqama and lower the volume of loudspeakers to one-third levels.

And Sheikh Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh has responded to the unpleasant comments pointing out that Saudi Arabia is a country about moderation and is respected for its stances across the Islamic world.

Dr. Al-Sheikh said in a television interview, that limiting the loudspeakers in mosques to the call to prayer and the iqamah looks out for society and is the better thing to do.

He added that some people want to stir up public opinions and dismantle national cohesion and Saudi citizens will not pay regard to any of it.




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