The 89th Saudi National Day’s Military Parade ?


As part of the 89th Saudi National Day celebrations, a military parade was held in Asir.

The Military parade started upon arrival of the Marines force, who walked for 90 kilometers from Codombol Island passing by the historical path of Asir to Abha to lead the parade

The joining of the Marines force to the celebration had a great response by the crowd. Many people from surrounding villages and cities went out to greet them and express their gratitude and appreciation for their national role in defending the homeland and for their precious sacrifices

People interacted with the military parade in Abha in a way that showed the unity and solidarity between Asir people and the armed forces

In addition to the Marines force march, the parade included the participation of more than 2,000 personnel from the infantry, special forces and air force, 60 military trucks, three helicopters, and 12 fighter planes

The final scene that was shown in the ring belt of Abha, expressed love, loyalty, and appreciation of the whole Kingdom and people for the heroes of the armed forces



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