The Reuniting Of Saudi Comedians Abdullah Al-Sadhan And Nasser Al Qasabi Will Put A Smole On Your Face


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The artist Abdullah Al-Sadhan responded to a recent question about the possibility of working with the artist Nasser Al Qasabi after they were spotted together at the entertainment industry ceremony, and after he shared a video with Al Qasabi and other artists despite their legal dispute.

Al Sadhan clarified that he doesn’t have any objection to working with AL Qasabi and continued to say that the duos will not last forever. He added that the current dispute is only on paper, as evidenced by a friendly meeting they had during the event.

Video of the Meeting

Al-Sadhan added through an interview with Kuwait nights that some people have spoken on his behalf. He confirmed that he doesn’t approve anyone to speak for him or for Al-Qasabi.

The Audience guessed that the conflict ended when Turki Al-Sheik, chairman of General Authority of entertainment, announced that a new project will bring them, but the project has yet to be initiated.

Earlier this year, Al-Sadhan appeared at an entertainment industry ceremony and greeted Al-Qasabi with his nickname “Abu Rakan.” The latter welcomed him back with a smile, which made Al Sadhan to joke that saying that he knows how to smile.


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