Unemployment Is Continuing To Decrease In Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia’s unemployment has dropped since last year and women, in particular, are seen to be actively joining the workforce.

The unemployment rate among nationals has gone down to 12.3 percent from 12.9 percent in a year

The Minister of Economy and Planning has stated that he expects the numbers to fall even further by the end of the year.

The recent improvement took place after dedicated efforts “to create jobs in tourism, culture, entertainment and hospitality as part of the government’s Vision 2030.”

Over 175,500 jobs have been Saudized so far and the ministry is continuing to encourage the participation of women in the local workforce. The proportion of their joining in recorded a 25.3 percent increase this year.

The most recent official statistics revealed that the number of Saudi women working in both public and private sectors reached a total of 596,700 in the first quarter of 2019, rising by 282.5 percent.


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