Will Smith Dives Into Fascination With Holy Quran And Recounts Visits To Saudi Arabia On Latest MBC Podcast

Hera Shabbir

Will Smith was already making headlines in the Kingdom during his iconic visits to Saudi Arabia. He was seen taking the most epic trip to Neom, posting the coolest pictures in AlUla, and even lighting up the stage at MDL Beast Soundstorm in Riyadh! He also got to attend the Jeddah Grand Prix races back in March 2023, and made this video go viral in minutes!

The Hollywood sensation recently sat down with MBC1’s Podcast host Amr Adib to talk about his all things positive experience in Saudi Arabia.

Will firstly talked about his admiration for the Holy Quran after completing it last Ramadan!

When asked by Amr about his thoughts and experience reading the Holy Islamic book, Will said that it was an overall very wholesome experience. The actor described the Quran as ‘clear’ in the message it’s giving, although many may interpret it otherwise. He also noticed that Moses was also mentioned quite a bit, and said his experience and story resonated with him closely.

Will also believes he belongs in the Middle East!

He also gushed about how peaceful he feels being in the Kingdom, and actually feels like he belongs in the Middle East. Will first talked about how his recent trip to Saudi, he explored places like Jeddah, AlUla, Neom, and Riyadh. Amr then joked with the actor suggesting he could get him a palace ready to live in, if the actor deicides to move.

The interview overall was all things positive as Will admired both the people and life in Saudi Arabia, along with the Holy Quran and islamic lifestyle 🇸🇦


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