5 Saudi Pizza Chains That Are Giving A Tough Time To Western Pizza Giants


Before it used to be just burgers and now Saudi has a new craze – pizzas.

Local brands are springing up everywhere and some of them are really good. In fact, long-established western chains had to rethink their entire strategy in recent years as local brands are competing with them head-on.

Here are some of our favorites that really have the capability to make it big.

1. Pizza Era, Riyadh

Riyadh is Saudi Arabia’s official capital but it is also making a mark as the country’s food capital as well. The food scene is booming and if a brand is successful here then it can be said that it has passed the litmus test. Pizza Era has five branches as of now in Riyadh and is making waves with its low prices. Because why have a SAR 40 burger for one when you can get a large pizza for SAR 15 that even three persons can enjoy.

2. Vera Pizza, Jeddah

Though it has only one branch as of now its concept of being somewhere between fast food and gourmet has done wonders for it. Their wood oven pizza range is one item that every pizza lover in Saudi wouldn’t want to miss.

3. Turnstone, Riyadh

They take pride in the fact that the pizza here is made on stone rather than those commercial ovens that other places are using. Prepare yourself for artisan pizzas that would make people on your Instagram feed green-eyed – that’s how good they look in real life and in photos. It is a Saudi brand but the pizzas here are authentic Italian. Just an FYI, from the tomatoes used in the pizza sauce to the flour used in the dough, all are brought in from Italy.

4. Maestro, Nationwide

This is one chain that perhaps has even more outlets across the country than any other international pizza chain. Its pizzas are on equal terms with the best and the prices they come with have actually made long-established brands bring their prices down. Maestro even comes up with amazing offers from time to time and has scored big time with having an amazing app where you can just order and have the pizza ready for you at your requested time.

5. Faterahat, Riyadh                                                              

Though it hasn’t spread out of Riyadh, Faterahat has around 13 branches in the city. Decent pizzas, good prices and well accessible with its outlets spread all over the city, this is one pizza Riyadhis can have without spending much on food or petrol for that matter.


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