5 South Asian DELICIOUS Dishes To Try In Saudi That Is NOT BIRYANI


So lots of you have tired Biryani and would LOVE to try again and again..and again… but here are few other dishes you might have MISSED devouring  in Saudi. 

Here are few you might like to taste soon!

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From The  Kitchen of Nawabs ( Royal) 

Nihari is a spicy, hot dish eaten best at the dawn hours. It’s a stew slowly cooked with either beef or lamb meat alongside the bone marrow.  And there are almost 10 varieties of Nehari!

Mmm.. it can also include BRAIN seasoned with extra ginger and lime. 

Perfect for cold winter mornings! Nihar is supposedly good for cold and fever, so taste+ medicine  – all guaranteed.  Who doesn’t like  to eat something tasteful when sick!

The word nihar came from the Arabic word ‘Nahar’ meaning ‘Day’ as normally used to be served  after fajr ( dawn) prayers in 18th century,  Old Delhi, India. Now a popular dish in Pakistan and Bangladesh too.  

Where To Find? 

Nehari House – Khober, Dammam

Taza Grill/Ginger leaf Jeddah Hilton– Jeddah

Al Hayat, Indian Summer and Lahori Khabay – Riyadh 

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A traditional favorite, our Nalli Nehari ispan-fried in spicy onion tomato gravy and deeply flavored with fresh ground spices. Enjoy it with some fresh roti. #IndianSummerKSA التقليدي المفضل, لحم نالي نيهاري مقلي في مرق حار من البصل والطماطم و منكه بشدة مع التوابل الطازجة. أستمتع به مع خبز روتي الطازج. #الصيف_الهندي_السعوديةم #indianfood #india #saudiarabia #ksa #saudifood #tasty #delicious #yummy #nom #ksafood #saudiarabian #hungry #craving #lunch #omnomnom#foodie #dubaifoodie #foodblogger #saudiarabiantag #foodblog #eathealthy #stayfit #dubailife #foodiedubai #dinner

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Haleem is a savory porridge, slowly cooked dish for 7-8 hours made of wheat, usually minced beef or chicken alongside lentils. 

Yes, it’s spicy too! some haleem are cooked in a much shorter duration. A popular dish for Iftar ( evening meal during Ramadan in South Asia. Haleem is garnished  with lemon juice, fried onions and green chillies also eaten with naan ( bread) 

Another Royal cuisine originating from Hadhramout Yemen and then travelling through South Asia. 

Different variations of Haleem can be found in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Armenia too. 

Where To Find? 

Afnan  Karachi Haleem, Shadab Restaurant, Student Biryani – Jeddah

Hayat /Lahori kabay– Riyadh 

Spicy  City – Al Khober 


Okay,  so this has around 40+ variations but usually it is spiced, creamy, orange colored  curry with roasted marinated chicken. 

Where To Find ?

Hot and Spicy, Green Leaf, Bharat, zaika Indian cuisine, Naan Indian cuisine Shezan, Punjab grill, Shezan Indian Restaurant , Asha’s –- Jeddah 

Indian Summer – Riyadh 


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4. Shahi Paneer

Cheese lovers rejoice! yes, you can make gravy with cheese..

Shahi paneer is a cottage cheese dish made up with gravy of tomato, spices and cream and usually eaten with rice or bread. 

There are other dishes that are equally tasty made with cheese like  Paneer Butter Masala –  one of the most popular vegetarian dishes and Palak Paneer is made of cottage cheese and spinach. And EVEN Paneer Tikka!

Where To Find? 

Tikka express, Bharat – Jeddah 

 Indian Taj Restaurant, Spices Village, Indian Summer  – Riyadh

 Spicy City – Khober

5.Butter Chicken

This is a Chicken curry dish marinated for few hours in yoghurt,
cream, and a variety of spice mixtures like ginger/garlic, lemon, coriander,
fenugreek  chili and more.  

It could be cooked in traditional clay over,
or roasted or grilled or even pan fried and garnished with cream, coriander and
green chills. 

Believe me, its SO GOOD you would want to go for another one! But then you think about the BUTTER!

Where To Find? 

Ginger Leaf, Jeddah Hilton, Curry In a Hurry,  Zaiqa Indian Cuisine, Bharat – Jeddah

Spicy City – Al Khober

Spices Village – Riyadh 

Hydrabad House – Medina 


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