6 Best Places In Jeddah To Get Your Shawarma Fix


Shawarma is like gold for foodies and there are very few things worse for foodies than to find out that the shawarma they’ve been served is mediocre.  

Jeddah has so many places selling shawarmas, some good and some not so good. So we have come up with this list so that you don’t have to taste the mediocre ones and devour only the good ones.

1. Shawarma Shaker Al Jazira

It is one of the oldest shawarma places in the city and it still continues to go strong. It has other branches in the city, but nothing beats the shawarmas like the ones at their first outlet near the old part of Jeddah. They even have a mustard-like sauce that they add in their shawarmas that kind of brings out an amazing taste and maybe that’s why despite being located in a place that has almost 10 other shawarma places right beside it Shaker Al Jazira still manages to get the most crowds.

2. Goodies

Goodies gets about pretty much everything right with its offerings and as expected of them their shawarma is on the mark. High-quality ingredients backed with high-quality taste, this is one shawarma residents of Jeddah can’t miss out on.

3. Khayal

The Turkish restaurant serves some of the finest Turkish delicacies, nonetheless, they also serve delectable shawarmas.  Their prices are slightly on the higher side but who wouldn’t mind splurging a bit on a good shawarma.

4. Sands

For many, this is hands down the best shawarma place. It has for long served as a lunchtime favorite for those working in the business hub of Jeddah, Tahlia Street.

5. Palm Beach

 Many shawarma places in the city tend to either excel in chicken or meat shawarma but very rarely in both. Palm Beach is one of those rare places that offers scrumptious chicken and meat variants of the shawarma. They also are quite consistent in taste so you can pretty much just go to the place and expect the same awesomeness.

6. Shawermatac

They have decent shawarmas and take good care of the hygiene part. Shawermatac is mainly on this list because it is the most accessible as it has so many branches in the city. So when you’re craving shawarmas like real bad this is the place you can probably rely on for a quick fix.


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