The Top 5 Mandi Places In J-Town


There’s a big controversy if Mandi really is Saudi. But even if it’s not we really don’t care because we’ve made it our own and we can safely say that we are home to some of the most delectable mandi one would ever come across.

So if you are in Jeddah, you can stop looking through those endless online menus and count on us.

P.S. We are speaking about Lamb Mandi here.

1. Seddah

They do have several branches around town but we recommend that you go to the original one in Amariyah that has been operating for several decades now. Lunch or dinner, mandi which normally takes hours to cook is always available here.

2. Romansiah

Romansiyah is much loved across Saudi Arabia, they recently entered into the Jeddah market and boy have they made us swoon over their lamb mandi. The tender meat and slightly spiced rice that accompanies it is what sets this place apart from the rest.–RZlg8M/

3. Lamb Chef

Log onto Lamb Chef’s social media accounts and you’ll see that every now and then local stars are seen dining at the place. The best part about their meat is that it is roasted and that gives it a completely unique taste. So unlike Mandi yet so similar at the same time.

4. Manahi restaurant

This is the real deal. They perfected the rice and lamb combo and that is why a best mandi place list is incomplete without them on it.

5. Raydan

This has been our long go-to option. Whenever hunger pangs for Mandi strike in you can go to this place and be rest assured that all your cravings for traditional mandi will be satiated.


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