These Riyadh Restaurants Are Excellent At Bringing A Creative And Modern Twist To Heritage


Not everyone is capable of taking a traditional concept and bringing a new take to it that manages to somehow, well, work.

But the increasing number of modern-traditional restaurants in Riyadh are proving that many in Saudi Arabia are figuring out this delicate balance

These are a few must-try restaurants in the capital that are rooted in culture but definitely bringing a new take to it.


It is luxurious, larger than life, and with a decor and service to match. Walking in, people can tell that the decor is certainly inspired by the desert and sand dunes but the slight minimalism gives it a very trendy look.

Prices are a bit high (so maybe keep this in mind for a special evening) but absolutely worth it.

Khayyam Lounge

A spacious, airy space that reflects Arab (a combination of Khaleeji and from the Levant) decor with a menu to match. Food is absolutely delicious and the decor is very rooted in traditions but with a new take. Definitely the first-of-its-kind feel in Riyadh.



TAKYA is all about Saudi cuisine but very elevated. Make a reservation ASAP if you are looking to learn more about Saudi heritage while celebrating a gastronomic experience.



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