The 4 Slightly Odd Saudi Dishes Not Everyone Would Be Willing To Try


Saudi Arabia is well-equipped with traditional dishes that even foreigners now take as their favourite. From mandi, kabsa to shawarmas and Al Baik- limitless options for all taste buds. 

(Some of these are commonly served in the Southern areas of the Kingdom, and are considered the norm dating back to Bedouins’ cuisine)

But here’s some of the more peculiar type of dishes, that some may or may not will be willing to try.

1. Camel burgers

Camel meat is a popular dish in the Kingdom, with some even saying it tastes like coarse beef. A lot have expressed sentiment over the camel burgers, saying it tastes better than beef ones. 


Screen Shot 2017 09 30 At 7 58 07 Pm

2. Nkhaat Pane or the deep-fried brain of… a lamb

Screen Shot 2017 09 30 At 8 24 49 Pm

3. Uromastyx lizard, served cooked or raw, in Tabuk

Well, this one’s not really a Saudi dish but ummm… lizard for lunch anyone?

There’s a kabsa version of it too

Screen Shot 2017 09 30 At 7 51 49 Pm

4. Locust kabsa

Oddly enough, this one looks appetising actually..

Have you tried any of these out? Would you be willing to?


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