This Expensive Burger Made Of GOLD Costs A Whopping SAR 5,000 At A Hotel In Jeddah


People have been raving online about the majestic SAR 5,000 BURGER that’s sold at the Ritz Carlton in Jeddah. It just might be the most expensive burger in the country. 

The ‘Royal Burger’ isn’t just a burger served, for that amount, you apparently get somewhat of a royal ritual to go along with it…

The Royal Burger consists of fancy ingredients like Kobe beef, black truffle, foie gras, gruyere cheese, wild mushrooms, CAVIAR and flaked gold leaf

That’s not your basic burger, pretty much. Oh and it comes with a side of aioli sauce and fries, of course.

A Saudi journalist, Mohsen Al Tamimi, tweeted a photo of him trying out the burger for himself, and it resulted in headlines in the Twittersphere.

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It’s quite an expensive burger, no doubt about that. But apparently, simply eating a burger is not the only thing you’re paying for…

Along with the burger being served to you in possibly the classiest way. First, your hands are washed and a golden bowl is placed under your feet, your meal is perfumed, and you’re given a bib that says ‘I had the royal burger’, Saudi Gazette reports.


The Royal Burger is available at Karamel Lounge at Ritz Carlton, Jeddah


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