Funny Footage Shows How MBS Helped A Guest Take A Selfie At The Future Investment Initiative


A lot of major events took place during the first day of the Future Investment Initiative summit, which started on Tuesday. From business tycoon Lubna Olayan’s opening tribute to Jamal Khashoggi, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan wow-ing his people and more.

A short video clip, however, has gone super viral and you’ll soon come to understand why

This video of MBS helping out a guest at the FII summit take a selfie is pretty much iconic

After all, how often do you get to say the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia showed you the ropes on this whole selfie thing?

This isn’t the first time MBS has gladly engaged in a smiley selfie

In fact, we could probably say that MBS has quite the knack for it. In the last year alone, he’s probably joined a dozen *documented* selfies with other leaders in the region.

That’s not even counting the selfies he’s adamantly agreed on taking with Saudi residents who have seen him- out and about.

It’s quite refreshing seeing someone who will soon lead a country, engage with people without hesitance

It seems MBS is always ready and with a huge smile when it comes to these selfies.

Now when’s our turn?


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