Pakistanis Everywhere Are Proud Of Their Prime Minister Imran Khan For His Statements At The FII Conference


Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is receiving a lot of love on social media for the statements he has made about his country and the prospective plans laid out for its economy.

The former cricketer-turned-PM participated in a discussion as part of the Future Investment Initiative’s conference in Riyadh.

Many of Khan’s supporters took to Twitter to express just how proud they were that for once, a Pakistani leader is talking about the issues their country’s facing- without a paper in hand to read from.

Many are praising Khan for being a ‘genuine leader’ speaking about Pakistan without a paper chit in hand

His casual and ‘down-to-earth’ dressing was also lauded

“When leaders speak the truth, the people of the state are more encouraged toward the betterment of the country”

Imran Khan has gone where no Pakistani leader has before

…by encouraging women entrepreneurs in his nation (among other things). PM Khan announced developments geared towards Naya Pakistan, holding peace talks with India, bolstering Pakistan’s foreign services, clamping down on money laundering and more.

The full clip of his talk at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) conference can be found here.

“No other politician of the country would have done it like Imran Khan did.”


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