The Region Is Tweeting Out To Oman For Its 48th National Day And It’s Quite A Show Of The GCC’s Close Bond


It’s Oman’s 48th National Day today (Sunday) and its friendly neighboring countries Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have gone above and beyond to commemorate it.

November 18 marks not only Oman’s National Day but the birthday of Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, the 8th descendant of the founder of the Al Bu Sa’id dynasty.

But how the rest of the GCC took upon itself to celebrate Oman, its people and the ruler shows just how great the camaraderie of the Khaleej is.

UAE’s HH Sheikh Mohammed greeted the Sultana of Oman with the following tweet:

“We congratulate our brotherly of Oman on the 48th National Day, which culminates in the achievements of their Blessed Renaissance under the leadership of my brother His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. Oman is from us and we are from them. They are our brothers and sisters and our extended relationships are made proud and enriched by our people every day.”

While the streets of Makkah put up the flags of Saudi and Oman

A symbol of the two nation’s long, united friendship.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, too, shared a greeting online

But none can top the love of all Arabs for the beautiful country of Oman and its people

“May God protect the Omani people and its government.”

Even a school in Bahrain went all out with the celebration

‘You will always be the king”

And the Kuwait Towers lit up in honor of the Omani flag

“The people of the Sultanate deserve to be happy.”


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