A Guinean Pilgrim Gave Birth To A Baby Boy In Hajj And Named Him After Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman


This Hajj saw eight babies being born up till now as per a statement by the Ministry of Health. Some were born in Makkah, some in Arafah and some in Mina.

According to the Arab News, a 23- year-old Guinean pilgrim Maimunah Ali gave birth to a baby boy at Arafah. The mother along with her husband decided to name the baby after Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Hence, they named him Mohammed Salman.

Earlier in the day, the couple travelled from Mina to Arafah and even climbed Mount Arafah.

Another baby boy was born in Arafah that day at the Jabal Rahma Hospital. The 40-year-old Libyan mother of the baby named him Arafah after Mount Arafah.


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