Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Actor Playing The Role Of King AbdulAziz In An Upcoming Movie


A film depicting the history of Saudi Arabia and focusing on the lives of the royal family has wrapped production recently and is to be released soon – including a premiere in Saudi Arabia, of course.

The film is starring a number of major international stars as well as emerging Saudi actors

Rakan Abdulwahid is the 32-year-old Saudi actor who plays King Abdul Aziz in the film and has already stolen the spotlight in the film’s trailer.


And the casting is as authentic as it gets – the actor comes from a tribe that has held strong ties with the House of Saud for decades and Abdulwahid also told a local newspaper that his great grandfather even fought alongside the founder of Saudi Arabia at one point!

Abdulwahid, who speaks Arabic, English, French, and Spanish fluently, also states that he read absolutely everything he could about the late king before preparing for the role.

The actor who was born in the US and raised in the Kingdom is also a rapper, singer, model and designer.


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