Hala Abdullah The Saudi Influencer Popularity Is Growing To 2 Million Followers On Instagram


Hala Hala

Hala Abdallah, who is known as “Hala Hala” is famous for her decent and elegant looks. She studied architecture and is famous for her fashion blogs, simplicity, and constant smile.

Hala earned a wide fan base with more than 2 million followers on Instagram. In addition to other social media platforms. Hala appeared on-screen through many programs and television interviews.

Hala is always updating her followers with her events like her attendance at the World Cup and fashion festivals. In addition to her famous Kiki dance. Thus, she is connecting with her fans all the time.





One of the Arabic Fashion Idols to Follow

Hala’s Arabic beauty and her elegance attracted a big number of fans. We observed that most of her looks choices are featured with simplicity without exaggeration. Also, she tends to select some pieces from international brands. In addition to using her university experience in capturing the most attractive and inspiring pictures all over the world since she is a travel fan.




Hala’s Most Popular videos

In conclusion, we love to share some of Hala’s most popular videos, which received a great view and more attention like her famous kiki dance video, which she performed through the YouTube program “Crocodile” on Telfaz channel.





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