10 Interesting Facts About Jeddah Anyone Living There Should Know By Now


Jeddah, known as one of the main cities in the Kingdom, hosted 3.431 million people in 2010 alone. With its infusion of luxury and culture, this city has remained one of the best in the Kingdom and for good reason. 

The Red Sea’s pride is also a commercial hub and the city has history dating all the way back to the 7th century. So with that, and the numerous Al Baiks we have in Jeddah, we present you with these other facts about the city that you should know:

1. To start, Jeddah does have more than 40 branches of Al Baik 

And the popular fast food chain’s headquarters are also located in Jeddah.

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2. It is the main gateway to Mecca

The holiest city of Islam is only a 41-mile distance from Jeddah.

3. Eve’s Tomb is believed to be situated in an  area in Jeddah

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4. The city is home to lots of art galleries

Jeddah is booming with local and international artists, showcasing the best and most creative work.

5. The Globe Roundabout was designed by a Spanish architect Julio La Fuente 

And this spot is a sight to see, day or night.

6. Jeddah has the world’s tallest unsupported flagpole

And it’s the city’s pride landmark. One of many, at least.

7. Jeddah has a floating mosque. Yep.

Well, it doesn’t really float but it’s not on land either. This popular pilgrim go-to is supported by lofty pillars in the sea.

8. Al Balad, located in Jeddah, is a UNESCO Heritage site 

It’s just that beautiful.

9. Once completed, Jeddah will be home to the tallest tower in the world 

The Jeddah Tower is well underway and is in construction.

10. One of the best resorts is situated here

Belajio resort is the place to be for a getaway, and it’s right here in Jeddah!


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