6 Healthy Spots In Jeddah To Have Your Guilt-Free Lunch This Weekend


We all worked hard this weekend, and sometimes that can lead to a weekend binge session that end in regret. But fear not, for we have compiled a list of options in Jeddah that’ll help you make guilt-free lunch (or dinner) decisions. 

These options are even more delicious, and don’t just comprise of boring salads. 

1. BOGA Superfoods 

Sandwiches, baked fish and apple quinoas are a favorite choice by a lot of people. 

2. FireGrill

Who says you can’t have your favorite Mexican dishes without any guilt? FireGrill serves up the best guac in the city, try it out for yourself and see.

3. Subway

The go-to option for anyone in a rush, looking for a quick bite. Subway gives you the option of customising your sandwiches and salads.

4. Shobak

Known for their pies and light meals, and did you know you could indulge in a veggie pizza that won’t even feel like carb overload.

5. Nino 

Two words: quinoa salad.

6. Medd Cafe & Roastery 

Perfect spot for your afternoon coffee or, in this case, matcha lattés. 


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