A British Man Is Trekking 1300 KM Across Saudi In The Footsteps Of Legendary Explorer Harry Philpy


105 years ago, British explorer Harry St. John (Abdullah) Philby crisscrossed Arabia and even wrote a hugely popular book about his journey later. Now another fellow British explorer, Mark Evans, over a century later, is leading a team that’s loosely following Philby’s 1917 trail.

The journey across has been dubbed the “Heart of Arabia Expedition” after Phiby’s book.

But this isn’t just your regular trek, field data will be gathered on this journey, and they do plan to visit sites (many unknown) that Philby mentions in his travelogue.

The team which comprises people from around the world has set off from Uqair on the country’s eastern coast in November.

The journey hasn’t been easy even in winter—just look at the morning temperature that Evans tweeted.

The sporadic rains in Saudi have also caused much difficulty for the team.

But nonetheless, the team is persisting, and you can track their progress here.


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