Calling All Shisha Lovers: These Are The Top 5 Places To Get Your Hookah Fix in Jeddah


Shisha, hookah, hubbly bubbly…whatever you call it, Saudi has it. The traditional Middle Eastern water pipe used for smoking flavoured tobacco is a prominent part of most evening or post dinner gatherings in the city. From the classic to the ice and the fruit ones, these venues offer it all!

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1. Break Time Café

Located in New Town Center (Medina Road), this gem serves shisha for a relatively lower rate than others. For SAR40, you’re welcomed like royalty, situated in exquisite interior and well you get to ‘shayesh’. 

Recommended: melon shisha and double apple flavor 

2. Shababik Restaurant 

A true-to-heart Lebanese restaurant, with amazing food and top-notch shisha to match. If you haven’t tried the combo at Shababik, then you pretty much haven’t lived.

Located in Ana Special Mall, Prince Sultan Street.

3. Balsamico TOO 

Italian restaurant, set in an al fresco style setting and warm-toned furnishing. Balsamico TOO, located in Diner’s Square, is now a good option esp due to the beautiful cold weather.

4. Semsom 

This adorable Lebanese place also serves up some great shisha. Oh and ladies, they’ve got an amazing ladies night offer on Wednesdays from 8PM, 50% of all your orders! 

Ohhhh yeah

5. Bellajio

Corniche Road’s finest, although the rate is a little on the higher side, SAR 75 for shisha but with that amazing view and a playing area for the kids. It just might be your new fave.


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