Certain Students In A Jeddah University Can Now Skip The University Prep Year But There’s A Good Catch


University of Jeddah is now showing appreciation towards freshmen who performed well academically in high school. According to Arab News, those students in high school who got great grades do not have to take the university preparatory year and move on to their degree of choice. 

This is an initiative to motivate and encourage a competitive drive for students

President of Jeddah University, Dr. Adnan Al- Homaidan, told Arab News that this is a new advantage of the university- to offer a strategic program and attract talented students  to encourage them to continue the work they’ve initiated during their early school years.

Al- Homaidan also stated that this new program coincides with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to invest in young talents and use them as a vital resource in the Kingdom’s achieving developments.

There’s only one thing students need to do…

They will need to pass tests on math, physics, chemistry, biology and English. Al- Homaidan also added that entrepreneurship and university study skills courses will be offered to the smart students by night classes for the courses along the first year of their college.

Those who pass these tests will be eligible to join the program, which makes them legitimate in the second year.

Dr. Adnan Al- Homaidan, President of Jeddah University (Arab News)

A qualitative leap in the Saudi history of sponsoring the talented students. It is one of the highest levels of supporting talented students educationally.

Dr. Faisal Al-Ameri (via Arab News)


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