Interesting Facts About The Soon-To-Be Tallest Building in the World


The Jeddah Tower situated will be the next world’s tallest building and is expected to be completed by late next year.

Here are some facts about it

1. It will be the first structure in the world to reach the one-kilometer-high mark 

2. Once complete, the building will stand at least 3,280 feet tall

3. The original design was to be one-mile-high (1.6 km), but the geology of the area was not suitable for that height

4. The structure will be home to the world’s highest observatory

5. The building is so big they are unable to show it realistically in one rendering. Only elevations and birds-eye views can contain the entire project!

6. It has 59 elevators and 12 escalators, and five of these elevators will be double decker

7. The lifts will not reach the speeds of normal elevators, as the change in air pressure at those altitudes would cause nausea


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