Jeddah Has A Giant Secret Forest That Not Many People Know About


Located about 30 kilometers from Jeddah, this huge man-made forest sits in solitude. Called Ghaba Jeddah, the breathtaking forest is devoid of crowds – a hidden gem not known to the masses. 

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Over 80,000 plants grow here and it is largely due to them that the place is now home to a few migratory birds and butterflies – a mini nature reserve of sorts. 

The snaking roads inside may not give you a clear picture of the size. The best view to get an idea its scale is from the top of the observatory tower. From there one expect to get an amazing view of the entire landscape where the lush forest seemingly rises from the desert.

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Sprawling an area of over 2.7 million square meters the forest is strictly for families only. Entry is free of charge, however, entry is possible only on weekends as the park remains closed for visitors on the weekdays.

It sits just off the Jeddah-Jummum Highway. 

Here are its coordinates in case you can’t find it: 21.647537, 39.386706

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