Jeddah Is Soon Getting A New Museum That Is Going To Be A Celebration Of The City’s Heritage


Jeddah is soon getting a brand new museum in its historical area and it is going to be a dream come true for history (and Jeddah) enthusiasts.

The Red Sea Museum will be opened at the Bab Al Bunt heritage building in Old Jeddah

The museum will include more than 100 ancient artifacts, books, manuscripts, rare collections, and pictures that demonstrate the history between the ancient residents of the Red Sea Coast and the rest of the world where the pilgrims from all over the world gathered.

The original building would be used as a temporary medical center for the pilgrims by providing them with health services before they were transferred to Makkah.

Currently, work is being on the building to be able to adapt to the museum while preserving the original look and feel of the building.

The museum will be opened in 2022 and is part of the Quality of Life Programme, which is one of the Realisation Programmes of Vision 2030.


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