Parkour KSA Is Now In Jeddah And They Even Run Classes That Will Teach You The Moves


Parkour is now in Jeddah and this should excite you if you’re anything into fitness, cool stunts and building communities wherever you are. 

Parkour is a type of physical training that develops a person’s ability to overcome physical or mental obstacles. In short words, they perform stunts that are usually pretty entertaining and amazing.

Here are a few examples of Parkour in neighbouring city Dubai 

There is now a PARKOUR in KSA where anyone can join

Even young children who want to start learning the basics are welcome at their Bak2Basix studio, where Parkour KSA runs their classes. 

Ages 3-17 years old can join and learn the basics of gymnastics and Parkour.

Pretty soon, you might even learn to be like this guy..

Pretty sweet!

It brings people together in a fun way! Let’s bring that fun to Jeddah, people.

The classes are both for adults and children over at Bak 2 Basix 

Located in Al Nahda District, sign ups are available online, to those interested in joining.

For more info, you can contact them on +966 56 008 0550


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