4 Reasons You Need To Visit The Park Hyatt In Jeddah At Least Once


I had to spend a couple of days in Jeddah during the week. Choosing where to stay was a dilemma, so I reached out to a couple of friends who had visited Jeddah recently. I wasn’t enamored by their recommendations, so I turned to a trusty source of inspiration, Instagram. And came across The Park Hyatt, and I wasn’t disappointed.

1. The Welcome

The Park Hyatt is about 30 minutes in an uber from King Abdulaziz International Airport. It’s on the south part of the Corniche, opposite the King’s palace. I was greeted by a Saudi lady who upon seeing my Irish passport, spoke at length about her time working and living in Dublin. Her sister still lives there and she visits frequently. I didn’t expect to make such a connection. That set the tone for wonderful service throughout. 

2. The Grounds

It’s no surprise that weddings are held in this Hotel- it used to be equestrian grounds before opening as a hotel. There are two large ball rooms, and nice large garden areas facing the Red Sea. They have men’s and ladies spas, with full fitness facilities and tennis courts. There are also personal trainers available on request. 

2. The Rooms

You can really tell if a hotel is 5 starts by the rooms. The Park Hyatt excels in this department. It’s the little touches.

On arrival there was some tasty Saudi dates, and it had been given a freshen up, with new fruit in place. There was the option of a bath and not just a shower, with products by a New York company. There are 142 guest-rooms in total, and 15 suits. 

3. The Food

I tucked straight into lunch on arrival, having a traditional Saudi dish of chicken on thick risotto like rice. The buffet options were plentiful. I had a very tasty steak salad for dinner and full spread for breakfast, all at Nafoura, the all day dining restaurant. They also have Andalusia for dinner, and Dardasha and ladies only restaurant.  They even brought in an international mixologist from Spain to custom make signature drinks. 

4. The Views

Luckily this time of year it’s perfect to sit out for dinner in the evening. The lounge area faces King Fahd Fountain which looks majestic at night. 

You will see locals dining, businessman working on laptops and international travellers having dinner and entertaining. Overall, it’s a multi purpose hotel with a luxurious twist.

Rooms are from around SAR 1,360. They have a 2017 weekend offer that makes it more affordable to book now. Recommended.


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