8 Reasons Why AlShallal Is Hands Down The BEST Amusement Park In Saudi


While we can’t wait for the Red Flags amusement park to start operations in the soon to be built Entertainment City near Riyadh; the best amongst the current lot of amusement parks in the country is by far and wide AlShallal. Here’s why.

1. It sits right by the famed Jeddah Corniche.

In some rides, you can even expect to be greeted by beautiful vistas of the Red Sea.

2. Just to give you some idea about its popularity, AlShallal receives around one million visitors per year.

A Saudi bucket list definitely needs a stopover here in it. 

3. Of course, there are the amazing rides.

Some which can’t be found anywhere else in the Kingdom.

4. The double loop roller coaster is AlShallal’s poster child.

A trip to AlShallal is not complete without a ride on it (for adults that is).


5. Like in amusement parks around the world, the SlingShot craze has caught up here as well.

Huge queues line up for this ride that shoots the capsule at speeds of over 100 km/h.

6. There is lots for children too.

From arcade games and ice skating rinks to rides catered to children of all ages and heights.

7. It holds amazing events from time to time.

And, even has a “Ladies Night” on every Wednesday in which men are strictly not allowed.

8. Have we mentioned the amazing food it has?

Apart from the copious quick service restaurants, there’s a fine dining glass roofed Lebanese restaurant and a cozy Chinese restaurant that sits right by an indoor canal. 


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