This Second-Hand Shop In Jeddah Is An Absolute Must-Visit For Book Lovers


Called Mawakeb Ajar, this second-hand store in Jeddah is a hidden gem. There’s lot to be found here from furniture and clothes to cutlery and electronics even. But perhaps the best part about this store is the large book collection it houses.

Books come in essentially all genres—largely in Arabic and English.

Some are being sold as cheap as SAR 3. Now, where in Saudi can you expect to find books so cheap?

They even hold “sale seasons” in which books are sold at even cheaper prices.

Just an FYI, the proceeds go towards the orphans, poor, widows and students in need.

So please everyone if you have extra books that you’re planning to get rid of then do donate them to a second hand shop like this one instead of throwing them away.

P.S. The last time I visited, I ended up with a large bag full of books and this was during the non-sale season.


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