10 Notable Moments From MBS’s All-English Interview

Hera Shabbir

Saudi’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman recently sat down with Bret Brier from Fox News to do his first-ever all-english interview about the Kingdom. The interview took place at NEOM’s Sindalah Island, one of the many projects in the works to achieve Vision 2030. Situated on the Red Sea, this luxury island is hoping to become a yachting hub, major tourist destination, and many first-class experiences.

MBS and Bret sat down for an in-detail exclusive discussing the Saudi leader’s views on many political issues including the war in Yemen and Palestinian-Israeli conflict, some personal hobbies and hopes for the future, and also Saudi’s outstanding success over the past few years.

10. The Saudi Leader firstly expressed his excitement for Vision 2030

He mentioned how the growth of Vision 2030 has lead Saudi to become one of the fastest G20 countries in the world. He also stated that the Kingdom is in constant competition with India, and that too the good kind.

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10 Notable Moments From MBS’s All-English Interview

9. He also stated that the Palestinian issue is very important to start negotiations with Israel

MBS mentioned how he is currently working with US President Joe Biden to solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, as the well-being and safety of the Palestinian people are very important to the Saudi leader. He also mentioned that the Kingdom is getting closer everyday to finalizing an agreement with the Israeli state.

8. When asked about the war in Yemen, MBS made sure to explain that Saudi is one of the biggest countries to provide aid to the people

The Saudi leader talked about how the Kingdom is striving to achieve peace with the nation, and will continue to provide aid to the people of Yemen regardless of their political ties.

7. The Crown Prince also talked about his reaction to the iconic Argentina v Saudi win at the FIFA 2022 World Cup Qatar

MBS was actually watching the match at home with family, and mentioned that they wished to get out of the game without any humiliation, and were honestly surprised at the win!

6. Saudi is officially one of the top growing countries in both the Middle East and globally and MBS made sure to explain why

MBS outlined the growth of all sectors in the Kingdom including sports and entertainment, and explains the success is due to logistics. He told Bret that six years ago, the Kingdom wasn’t even in the top ten list for the Middle East and in 2022 are number 10 for global visits globally. MBS also explained that the Kingdom follows a calendar that increases the numbers and features new-upcoming events for each sector. He also made sure to outline the increase of visits to Saudi to 40 million just last year, hoping to welcome 150 million tourists by 2030!

5. He also outlined the importance of his father King Salman’s title of ‘Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ and the work put into it

MBS mentioned that the Kingdom is home to two holy sites of both Makkah and Medina, that have to serve millions of visitors on the daily. He said that the Kingdom’s essential job is to serve those visitors and make sure all five prayers run smoothly, which according to MBS, the Kingdom has done an amazing job at.


4. MBS believes the greatest success story of the 21st century is Saudi Arabia

When Bret asked the leader what he would say to people wanting to visit the Kingdom, MBS stated that Saudi is definitely one of the greatest success stories of this century. As stated by His Royal Highness, it is up to the people whether they want to enjoy, or not.

3. The Saudi leader also debunked myths that Saudi is just a desert, when talking about Trojena hosting the Asian Winter Games

While taking a walk on Sindalah Island, MBS mentioned that hosting the 2027 Asian Winter Games in Trojena will change everyone’s perspective. When Bret explained that the world isn’t aware of Saudi’s natural beauty, MBS outlined that the Kingdom has forests, valleys, oasis, mountains, tropical islands, and many places to enjoy besides desert.

2. MBS also loves video games and is a huge supporter of E-sports!

When asked about his hobbies, the Saudi leader instantly said ‘Video Games.’ He explained that since his childhood, MBS took interest in video games and uses it as a tool to ‘disconnect’ from the world. He also mentioned how E-sports is one of the most growing industries on the planets, explaining the reason behind PIF’s investment in E-sports.

1. MBS also gave insight on Vision 2040, which he plans to announce in 2027!

The iconic interview closed off with a very surprising note that MBS is working towards announcing Vision 2040! He said that it is currently in the works, and will be shared with the public sometime between 2027 and 2028!

10 Notable Moments From MBS’s All-English Interview

This interview got millions of views in the past 24 hours and provided amazing insight on the Saudi Leader’s outstanding visions for the country, absolutely delightful personality, and passion for working towards Saudi’s global success

Watch the full 37-minute interview here


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