10 Things You’ll Absolutely Relate To If You Grew Up In Saudi


When you look back at the 80s and 90s, that era seems so different – almost as if it were of a long distant past. We would find joy in the smallest of things like getting to have a Walkman or waiting for cartoons to play on Saudi TV. Ah! Those were the days!

So if like us you too relish those days, we have prepared an absolutely cool list that you’ll definitely relate to.

1. Some of us would bring this to school

2. In an era long before PUBG

3. Why did people even collect these?

4. How could you not like WWF SmackDown 2?

5. Why don’t they sell these anymore?

6. A visit to the neighborhood baqala would not be complete without having one of these

7. A good morning message from an era way before WhatsApp

8. Need one of these ASAP

9. What happiness looked like

10. Kids of today have got to get off the phone and start playing “Name, Place, Animal, Thing”

All images via PeopleOfSaudiArabia/FB


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