20 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Riyadh At Least Once Before You Die

Hera Shabbir

Riyadh has become a city that is changing by the minute. With Vision 2030 in place, new attractions, events and opportunities are opening doors for the masses.

Besides it being one of the most visited cities in the GCC, Riyadh has become a central entertainment hub for all travellers

There is definitely more that meets the eye when it comes to Riyadh’s reputation, which has completely transformed from its large desert. In just 20 years, the population has tripled, from 3 million to almost 9 million this year. That means a lot of people to entertain in a LOT of different ways. Riyadh Season was one of these huge attractions that proved Riyadh’s capabilities of entertainment by welcoming over 10 MILLION visitors since opening in October 2021. The capital has hosted numerous concerts, festivals, and big-scale events leading Riyadh to rank 13th in the world for tourism. These 20 reasons are some of many as to why you should definitely visit Riyadh once before you die.

1. Go back in time and walk through the historic city of Diriyah

2. Experience the insane views at Heet Cave’s

3. Shop for gems at Souq Al Thumairi

4. Take in the awesome views from Kingdom Center

5. To get your caffeine dose at the world’s largest coffee shop

The Al-Masaa coffee shop is the larget in the world, and is able to seat 1,050 people. Gotta get that caffeine!

6. Enjoy camping in the red sands of the capital

7. Walk through history at Masmak Fortress

8. Have a Times Square moment at Riyadh City Boulevard

9. Dine with class at Nobu

10. Say hey to 190 species at the Riyadh Zoo

11. To experience extravagance at Billionaire

Billionaire is known as one of the most luxurious places in the city, which you have to check out once you’re here.

12. To enjoy horse racing at the King Abdulaziz Racetrack

13. Snap Insta pics galore at Museum of Happiness

14. Shop for gold and silver shopping at Taibah Souq

The souq is known to have various gold and silver collection, with great prices.

15. Take pretty pictures of the Lake at Park Namar

16. To have fun stargazing at the Edge of the World

The Edge of the world is the best escape out of the city in Riyadh. The nights can get dark enough for crystal clear skies with sparkling stars, perfect for stargazing.

17. Take cool pictures at the Museum of Illusions

18. To finally try the famous AlBaik

AlBaik has become a worldwide sensation, and originates here in Saudi Arabia. With a total of five branches around the city, join in on the hype of the famous fried chicken.

19. To play with dogs at The Barking Lot

This place is the first dog-friendly cafe in the city where you can sip some yummy drinks while you play with furry friends.

20. To walk through the amazing architecture of KAFD

King Abdullah financial distrcit is home to the most beautiful and unique looking architecture all over Riyadh. 

These are just some of the many reasons why Riyadh is the next best place to visit at least once.

Endulge in delicious food, experience some adventurous memories, and take some awesome pictures of the coolest architecture.



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