5 Accurate Tweets About Saudi Arabia You Need To Read ASAP

Hera Shabbir

5 Accurate Tweets About Saudi Arabia You Need To Read ASAP

Saudi’s reputation has been getting quite some positive press after the amazing changes over the past few years. What was previously seen as a ‘desert’ where people ‘ride camels’ and have ‘no basic rights,’ has now become one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the WORLD. People are flocking by the thousands to get a glimpse into the Kingdom’s amazing attractions, gorgeous destinations, and historical landmarks. These tweets are a few of many that truly encompass the beauty and hospitality of the Kingdom.


No, not everyone rides camels in the country…

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone commutes around the country on a camel. Saudi is actually home to some of the most luxurious vehicles, and just recently opened their very own Electric Car factory! People actually flock from all over the GCC just to get a glimpse of the car enthusiasts around the Kingdom.

Saudi is the heartland of Islam

The kingdom welcomed millions of Muslims annually to the two holy sites in the cities of Makkah and Medina. Because Islam has a significant influence on the Kingdom, its people, and the law, the country dedicates its peace and respect to their religion.

Saudi has some of the most kindest and hospitable people

If there’s one thing everyone in Saudi knows how to do, is welcome a visitor. They are known for their extravagant gestures to visitors around the Kingdom. From giving you a place to stay, insight into the community and culture, and even just a helping hand to get around the area, Saudis will always make you feel safe and welcome.

Saudi is a very safe place for women, especially compared to the west

This X user from Britain attests to the fact that she feels much safer in the Kingdom, compared to her home-country. There have been many instances where women feel like Saudi is the one place they can walk around alone, at all hours.

Saudi is a very goal-oriented country

This person pays tribute to Saudi’s amazing education system which has lead the literacy rate to 99.38%! He also mentions that the Kingdom has a thriving economy and have genuinely good people. Looks like Saudi is the best place to be these days!


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