5 Awesome Activities To Make This Weekend Worthwhile

Hera Shabbir

The weekend is finally here and it is time to unwind. Enjoy a yummy iftar experience or have a historical moment in the park, this list is the ultimate itenerary for this weekend, so scroll below!

Visit Boulevard Riyadh For Free


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Yes, it’s true. Riyadh Boulevard has opened its gates to the public for free all throughout Ramadan, so you have to make it before it’s over. They even have the coolest Ramadan decor which is a must-visit for updating pics on the gram.

Check Out Some Amazing Art At The Nine by Lift Harper’s Bazaar X Saudi Exhibition


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This exhibition showcases the coolest paintings and clothes by Emirati artists. Lift KSA is hosting this exhibition, and is known to be Riyadh’s coolest social club. It will showcase paintings, clothes, and even designs by Emiriati artists, and will conclude this Friday. So run to Al Mathar Ash Shamali from 7-10 pm for the awesome experience!

Endulge In A Majlis-Style Iftar At Hilton Riyadh

Nothing says tradition like a nice setup in a tent, which is exactly what Hilton offers to the public at their Amara tent. It has the coolest decor, wide range of both traditional and international cuisine, and even refreshing beverages. Its Arabian décor and majlis-style seating, showcases  lanterns, stars and crescents! Grab your cameras because this definitely is one of the most Instagrammable places in the city.

Shop Traditional At Souq Al Zel


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This souq, known as the “carpet market” is one of the oldest most popular souq’s in the city. Located in the Diriyah neighbourhood, Souq al Zel dates back to 1901, making it one of longest souqsin Riyadh for Ramadan. You can grab some lasting oud perfumes, a wide selection of carpets, and even some camel leather slippers. It is open from 8-10pm, so go check it out!

Take Some Pictures At Al Bujairi Heritage Park


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Riyadh is known to light up the city in the holy month of Ramadan on all its buildings. However, this park has more of a historical view of Diriyah district. Grab a basket of Iftar and refreshing Vimto to sit at the park and witness the beautiful decor of Diriyah light up after sunset.


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