5 Breakfast Spots In Riyadh That Will Have You Jumping Out Of Bed

Hera Shabbir

Weekends are usually spent catching up on sleep, but if you’re a foodie and are looking for a good breakfast spot, these five places are perfect for you

From an authentic traditional Saudi breakfast, to the best answer to a morning sugar craving, these spots have definitely got you covered. Each different and better that the next, these seven places are top tier when it comes to finding breakfast spots in Riyadh.

1. Eggsactly


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Yes, that’s a waffle stuffed with chocolate. What better way than to start the weekend on a sweet note? This spot totally serves it up when it comes to delicious bites for the morning, and even have the yummiest selection of egg sandwiches. Head on over ASAP, and get the location here.

2. Flour and Firewood

This breakfast spread looks STUNNING! If you’re looking for a spot with some breakfast foul, eggs, or a manakish, then this spot is the place for you. Make sure to head over with a completely empty tummy because you’re in for a treat. Get the location here.

3. Jazy


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Ever tried a quinoa felafel? Well this place has them, and totally serve it up in the most elegant way. Jazy is the spot you want to pick when you’re in the mood for some interesting blend of flavors. They even have delicious brioche bread with grilled halloumi! It’s definitely a breakfast dream come true. Get the location here.

4. Stir


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This spot is perfect if you’re looking for some delicious fluffy pancakes and more of a western breakfast. They have delicious scones and some mouth-watering French toast. Grab a coffee from this spot and one of these sweet options to accompany the drink. Oh, and best part is, their scones are totally complimentary! Get the location here.

5. The Mansion


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Make sure you’re dressed your best for this one because The Mansion has quite the amazing aesthetic for your morning blues. Their breakfast spreads are quite fancy, from being presented on a gramophone, a tower of food, and sometimes even hanging from the coolest food-stands. The Mansion really gets creative with its presentation. Get the location here.


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