5 Cafes In Riyadh That Have All The KAFD Views You Need

Hera Shabbir

KAFD has recently become a hotspot thanks to their iconic street mirror that has flocked hundreds of people to take pictures. Everyone’s lining up to take some pictures of what are Riyadh’s finest city views, and what better way to do it than with a delicious cup of coffee. These five cafes will have your waiting time definitely worth it as you sip on some fresh brew and take in the KAFD views.

5. Ashjar Cafe

This cafe is the reason why everyone is lining up to take the beautiful mirror pictures. It is located right in the heart of KAFD and is actually quite famous for its brew. They have the most aesthetic cups, views, and vibe inside the spot and even have the most delightful desserts. Each second will definitely be worth it as this spot, as you take a bite and take in the view.

4. Tajreed Hotel


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This iconic hotel located in KAFD has the most stunning lounge that will have you sitting for hours. Their stunning views, delicious menu, and relaxed vibe makes this spot one of the top places to visit during a Riyadh trip. Best part is, you can fall right asleep to the KAFD city lights as you book a night in one of their gorgeous rooms.

3. Calibrated Cafe


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This place will take the picture of KAFD right for you with this stunning window. Enjoy your fresh brew with a gorgeous view of the whole KAFD skyline!



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Bring over your laptop and work to the views of the beautiful KAFD. You can watch the sunset both indoor and outdoors at this gorgeous spot, that has the most delightful coffee and desserts that will have you going for hours!


This spot definitely deserves the number one spot due to their perfect view of the entire KAFD skyline. You can enjoy a more grounded view at their outdoor seating or observe from above through their gorgeous windows upstairs. Make sure to get a bite of their waffles while you’re at it because they’re mouth-wateringly DELICIOUS!


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