5 Clips That Beautifully Unveil Riyadh’s Charm From Over 20 Years Ago

Hera Shabbir

Over the past two decades, Riyadh has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from a traditional desert city into a modern metropolis. Skyscrapers now paint the skyline, events are almost always happening, and tourism is absolutely BOOMING. That means that Riyadh has changed quite a bit over the past 20 years, and these throwback clips prove it. Tiktoker @saudi_aesthetics posts the most nostalgic videos of people around the Kingdom, and his Riyadh collection is phenomenal!

Although the roads and buildings might look different, one thing definitely hasn’t changed, and that is the Saudi’s welcoming and smiley community. Scroll down to check it out.

5. These clips were taken back in 1994!

This video contains clips from 1994, in and around Riyadh, capturing the community of the capital. Everyone has such wholesome smiles and positive energy! Although that hasn’t changed, one of the things that caught the eyes of many were the cars, and the TV. A bunch of friends were seen enjoying their Kashta in the desert, which featured the propert TV from the 90’s that had the cutest little screen! This was definitely a nostalgic moment for those kids from the 80’s and 90’s who know what that little TV is all about.

4. This clip contains Saudi’s Late King Abdullah and a bunch of other wholesome moments

3. Here’s a view of the roads back in 1986!

The Roads of Riyadh have been painted with skyscrapers over the past few years, and a drive in the capital these days includes a kaleidoscope of tall buildings. This video from the 1980’s however show that the capital barely had any tall buildings or structures, and had very open and spacious roads.

2. Someone captured life in the Military in 2001

This video was taken in the Military facilities of Saudi Arabia where young men were getting their training. Even then, every single person was seen with a smile on their faces which makes this video even more wholesome.

1. This is what National Day celebrations looked like in the 90’s

Although the spirit and energy is still the same even after 20 years, the cars are definitely the throwback in this video. People absolutely loved the trip down memory lane with these classic rides.


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