5 Coffee Spots Around Riyadh That Are 100% Saudi Made

Hera Shabbir

Everyone knows that when it comes to fresh brew and the most exquisite variety of coffee, Saudi takes the win. Coffee really is a culture here in Saudi, as families, friends, and even colleagues get together to mostly socialize around cafes. Riyadh is FULL of famous coffee spots that are absolutely worth the visits, but these 5 Saudi-made cafe’s are definitely top tier.

5. Half Million

Half Million is a popular pick when it comes to coffee spots around the capital. Everything from their lattes, mojitos, and even desserts should be an essential part of your day.

4. Brew92


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This spot is also a top pick when it comes to finding that authentic Saudi touch in coffee places around Riyadh. You HAVE to try their salted cow latte that is actually mouth-watering.

3. Camel Step

Camel Step is another top pick if you’re looking to drink some local delights. They even sell some options for you to DIY your speciality coffee right at home.

2. Ashjar Cafe

This spot is definitely one of the toppers for you to enjoy some coffee with views of KAFD. This cafe actually went viral for its floor-mirror that people were taking selfies in front of, with all of the gorgeous KAFD skyline right behind them!

1. Noug


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This place is new on the block and everyone is talking about it. Noug is Riyadh’s first camel-milk cafe that serves all things, you guessed it, Camel Milk! Everything from their lattes, ice creams, desserts, and other items feature deliciously fresh camel milk. Make sure you come to this place a little hungry, because camel milk is very rich and can be quite filling.


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