5 Delicious Restaurants To Enjoy Your Ramadan Feasts The Saudi Way

Hera Shabbir

Ramadan is right around the corner and you should definitely have your list of restaurants ready! The capital comes alive after sunset for Iftar, with families and friends gathering to break their fast together, enjoying delicious feasts until Suhoor. Scroll down below to check out 5 places around Riyadh that are boasting with Saudi tradition, to make your holy month extra special!

5. Hamsa w Taghmeesa

This place is the perfect pick to enjoy an instagrammable moment while munching on some Saudi delights. They serve up the yummiest breakfast, so try and see if you can sneak in just moments before Suhoor to grab a mouth-watering bite of their Shakshouka, kebda, grilled halloumi, and refreshing tea!

4. Aseeb Najd

This place captures the traditional essence of Najdi-style dining. The resto is covered in baskets, large halls, doors, and spacious dining areas which will give you every touch of traditional Saudi feasting. Ramadan is actually the perfect time to visit this spot because their dishes are filling to the last bite!

3. Takya


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Takya is one of Riyadh’s favorite go-to spots for traditional dining. Located in Bujairi Terrace, this gorgeous restaurant is getting all the press for its welcoming staff and variety of dishes. If you’re looking to channel your Saudi side this Ramadan and dine on nothing but tradition, then Takya should definitely be on your bucket list.

2. Tameesa


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If you’re more the type to enjoy a lighter cheese and zaa’tar for your Iftar then Tames is definitely a topper for you. Their wide collection of all things Tamees will definitely have you adding things to go for your suhoor snacks! If you’re not in the mood for the typical flatbread experience, then you can even get a bite into their delicious sandwiches, baos, and wraps!

1. Tofareya


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This place definitely takes the number one spot for Ramadan treats with their pocket-friendly meal. Tofareya is bringing you a delicious Suhoor for just 16 SAR featuring the yummiest chicken and rice, a samosa, three dates, water, and laban! They basically got the whole meal covered for you, in under 20 SAR!


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